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I cannot turn on my Xiaomi Mi 3

No matter what I do the my Xiaomi Mi 3 will not turn on.

First attempt plugging the phone into the charging unit to see if the phone becomes responsive. If the phone remains unresponsive consider trying another charger if available. If the phone is still unresponsive, then one should examine the battery and logic board to ensure they are in good working order.

Information about replacement of the phone's battery can be found here: Xiaomi Mi 3 Battery Replacement

An incorrect PIN is entered

Your PIN is used to protect your SIM from unauthorized use. If an incorrect PIN is entered, you can't turn on your mobile phone. Key in the correct PIN to restore functionality of the phone's features.

Battery is dead

The most likely cause is low battery. Try connecting the phone to its charger. The phone should be allowed to get sufficiently charged prior to attempting to turn the phone back on.

Xiaomi Mi 3 overheats

The device frequently gets hot

Turn ON Battery Saver Mode.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Advanced Options > Battery > then turn on Battery Saver Mode

Another useful tip if you are encountering a device that has issues with getting hot is to disable or uninstall apps and features which consume large quantities of RAM or processing power.

You may also need to turn off radiowave-transmitting features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

I dropped my phone in water, what should I do?

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is not classified as water resistant or waterproof. In the unfortunate event that your phone does happen to come in contact with a liquid, there is a significant risk of permanent damage. However, the best way of attempting to resolve issues due to damage from exposure to liquids is as follows:

First, remove your phone from being in contact with the liquid, wipe off the phone with a dry towel as best as possible. Make sure not to turn it on as it will most likely short circuit your phone resulting in permanent damage to some of its components.

Secondly, you should remove any accessories on the phone such as phones cases and remove the SIM card. You can then use a hairdryer on cold setting to dry the phone, and then put the phone in a warm area to dry for a day. After the phone is dry attempt to power the phone on. If the phone cannot be powered on after being completely dried off then some of its components were likely damaged and the phone will require further inspection of its internal components to return the phone to operational condition.

No audio or distorted audio through speakers

No sound can be heard through the speakers when attempting to make or receive calls

The speaker is broken

The speaker in the phone may not be working. Try turning off the phone, removing and reinserting the battery, and restarting the phone. The speaker might need to be replaced.

The phone is muted

If the icon displayed in the volume settings is a speaker with a line through it, the volume is muted for that item. Drag the slider as you would to increase the volume and it will no longer be muted.

Headphones are plugged in

If headphones are plugged into the Xiaomi Mi 3, the audio will be sent to the headphones and not the speaker.

No audio or distorted audio through auxiliary jack

External audio source is plugged in, but not working properly

The phone is set to low volume, or is muted

Press the volume button on the side, and if the device was muted then you will see a speaker with a line through it appear. If the volume is low increase it until the audio being output is audible.

The auxiliary port is obstructed due to debris

The headphone port on a case is always exposed, so small debris can get inside. If this happens you can use a compressed air can or just simple blow into the port to try and remove any debris and return the headphone jack to proper working order.

The auxiliary port is broken

If no audio can be heard through devices connected to the phone's auxiliary port, then the auxiliary jack should be considered for replacement.

The phone will not vibrate

If the phone will not vibrate, first make sure that vibrate is enabled in the phone's settings. If the vibrator module still does not work, the module should be considered for replacement.

A replacement guide for the vibrator module can be found here: Xiaomi Mi 3 Phone Vibrator Replacement

The side control buttons won't work

If the phone's side control buttons cease to work, first try to reset the phone. If after a reset the side control buttons still do not work, the one should consider replacing the side control buttons.

A guide for replacement of the side control buttons can be found here: Xiaomi Mi 3 Side control buttons Replacement

The phone's camera will not work

If attempted use of the phone's camera results in the image is being distorted or no image being displayed when the camera is being used, then first make sure that the camera's lens is unobstructed and free of debris. If the camera still has issues, then attempt to restart the phone to restore the camera's functionality. If the camera still does not work or is physically damaged, then it should be considered for replacement.

A guide instructing the replacement of the phone's rear facing camera can be found here: Xiaomi Mi 3 Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Xiaomi Mi 3 wont read SIM card

The phone is having problems with reading the SIM card when it is inserted

First attempt to remove then reinsert the sim card into the slot. If that does not resolve the issue, then there may be issues with the condition of the sim card itself.

The display tells that your SIM is invalid

Your device may be locked to another service provider. You need to unlock your mobile phone using an unlock code. To get the unlock code, contact the service provider that locked your mobile phone.

Faulty SIM card

Check if your SIM is faulty by inserting it in another mobile phone. If your SIM is not accepted by the other mobile phone, your SIM is probably faulty.

An incorrect PIN is entered

Your PIN is used to protect your SIM from unauthorized use. If an incorrect PIN is entered, you can't turn on your mobile phone.

Key in the correct PIN.

If an incorrect PIN is entered three times in a row, your SIM will be blocked and you need to key in your PUK. The PUK can be obtained by contacting customer service on 1688.

An incorrect PUK is entered

If an incorrect PUK is entered ten times in a row, your SIM is blocked permanently.

You'll need a new SIM card.

Display is cracked

Recommend you replace with with guide will be add later(milestone 3)

Display is unresponsive

The display works but does not respond to touching

The screen is dirty

If the screen is dirty then it may affect the operation of the phone's touch screen. Using a microfiber cloth wipe the screen off. Make there is no water or grease on the screen.

The screen is broken

The screen is remains unresponsive, is cracked, or will not turn on at all

It is recommended that you replace your display.

(add guide at later milestone)

If you are wearing gloves or your hands are obstructed

Most materials that cover your hands will affect your display, ensure that your hands are as clean and free of debris and obstructions as possible, then attempt to use the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 3 is not charging

Your phone is connected to a charger, but it will not charge

The wall socket is broken

Make sure the socket you are plug in to is working. you might want to try charging another device on the same socket.

The charger is broken

Try plugging the phone into a different charger if available.

The battery is dead

The battery may be unable to hold charge, and needs to be replaced.

Phone cannot make calls

Phone is working fine, but you are unable to make phone calls

The phone is in airplane mode

Make sure the device is not in airplane mode in order to be able to access cell phone networks.

The phone has no service

Check to ensure that you are attempting to use the phone in an area that has cell reception.

The phone has a bad cellular antennae

If you know you are in a place that has reception, and you have restarted your device, then you may have a faulty motherboard or cellular antennae. If that is the case, then it may be necessary to replace your phone's motherboard or cellular antennae.

Information on replacement of the phone's motherboard can be found here: Xiaomi Mi 3 Motherboard Replacement

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Hello i have bought a Xiaomi Red Note 3 but i cant use it as keep telling me that this mobile is associated with MI account can you please help me and tell me what to do i have bought it through Dhgate from a seller

Please can you help me


alice cardona - Yanıt

it happens with stolen phones...the real owner locks the phone using his account....u can flash a new rom to it

Shafaat Khan -

I can only see M i lights and nothing

got2believenmagic2000 - Yanıt

How to delete mi video app

nilam patel - Yanıt

Mi 3 isn’t opening .It’s stucked in logo. but it’s charging.

Sam Round - Yanıt

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