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iRobot Roomba Troubleshooting

iRobot Roomba 655 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Device Not Powering On

The Roomba will not respond or show any sign of powering up

Device Not Charged

Before trying to power on your Roomba make sure you have a full nights charge on the battery. To verify the battery is fully charged, confirm a green battery indicator light. Your Roomba indicates that you need to change the battery by playing a four tone dead battery song before it finishes its cycle.

Dirty Battery Contact Points

It is recommended to clean the Roomba's charging contact points once per week with a clean dry cloth. This may resolve a battery charging issue. Check out this guide to help you with the removal of your battery.

Dead Battery

If you charge your Roomba overnight, and have no green light indicator, you more than likely need to replace the battery.

Charging Errors

‘’If the Roomba’s troubleshooting light is blinking while on the charger, you may have a problem”

Battery Indicator Blinking

One Blink - the Roomba’s battery is not connected.

Two to Five Blinks - the Roomba has a charging error.

Six Blinks - the Roomba’s battery is overheated (try letting it cool down for the minimum of one hour and storing it in a cooler environment)

Seven Blinks - the Roomba’s battery is still not cooling down.

Unusual Movement

The Roomba does not move correctly or appears to be dragging

Front Caster Wheel Jammed

The front caster wheel on the Roomba encounters debris before the brushes. If debris is lodged in the wheel or around its axle, it will no rotate freely. This will keep the Roomba from moving correctly. Removing the wheel and cleaning its components can help resolve this issue.

Side Brush Dirty

Material lodged in the side brush can impair the Roomba's mobility.

Roomba Backs Up or Spins in Circles

The Roomba only goes backwards or spins in circles. It won't move forward.

Place the Roomba in an open area. If the Roomba is experiencing an issue an error beep will sound. This sound determines the mobility issue.

One Beep - indicates the Roomba has a wheel that is not contacting the ground.

Two Beeps - mean the brushes can't turn.

Five Beeps - indicates a drive wheel is lodged and cannot turn.

Six Beeps - means the Roomba's cliff sensors are dirty or are sensing a dark surface.

Nine Beeps - mean the bumper is stuck or dirty.

Ten to Eleven Beeps - mean that either the drive wheel is stuck or the bumper cannot see obstacles correctly.

Roomba also gives verbal error messages. If Roomba says "Please Inspect and Clean Roomba's Cliff Sensors," the Roomba is over a dark surface or its sensors are covered. If Roomba says " Please Inspects and Clean Roomba's Wheels," the side drive wheel is lodged in place. If Roomba says "Please Remove and Clean Roomba's Brushes," the main cleaning brushes on the Roomba cannot turn.

Not Cleaning Properly

‘’If you feel that your Roomba is lagging or not doing it’s job as a vacuum you may need to check one of the following’’

Dust Bin Is Full

Remove the bin after each cleaning cycle by pressing the button and pulling the bin out on the bottom of the device.

Filter Is Dirty

Push down and remove the bin and push down on the filter compartment in order to access and clean the filter.

Brushes Are Dirty

A brush maintenance guide can be found here . Push down the yellow tabs and remove the Roomba’s brushes. Remove and clean all hair and particles built up on the yellow brush bearings and caps. Excessive buildup of hair can damage your Roomba, so regular maintenance is recommended.

Sensors Not Responding Correctly

Sensors Are Dirty

The Roomba has four total cliff sensors, your device will not work properly if these are not cleaned, simply wipe them with a dry cloth.

Sensors Are Being Blocked

The sensors can become blocked, check the underside of the front of the vacuum and along the sides. Look to our repair guide here for more info.

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Roomba 655 was making a repetitive squeaking sound. We cleaned the brushes and front wheel. We emptied the bin. We used compressed air to blow dust out of the motor that spins the brushes. The left drive wheel made a chirping noise when manually turned. We sprayed WD40 into the wheel bearings and it stopped. In the future we will use a graphite lubricant, which should last longer.

Deborah - Yanıt

Roomba 780 keeps saying " Move roomba to a new location then press clean to restart " I've moved it to multiple places and still won't work.

Cristin - Yanıt

Mine keeps doing this too, I think maybe it needs a new front wheel? I haven’t changed it yet to find out.

Lynn-Ann belluso -

I have changed the battery and roomba indicated to change location and it just won't start

Joe - Yanıt

655 IRobot - My spin brush won’t stop going. It’s continually running. The only way to stop it, is take out the battery

David - Yanıt

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