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Repair and disassembly guides and support for dish washing appliances.

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whenever the dishes finish washing they still dirty.

i have a model dish washer GE model number vsd3707p00sb every thing seem to be working ok but whenever the dishes finish washing they still dirty.

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Check your drain hose, you may have some blockage or the hose is not able to drain correctly either because the drain trap has grease build up or the hose is not routed correctly. Put some drain cleaner down the sink drain that is connected to clean the trap or run a snake through it.

Also make sure the inside drain area is not clogged with large food pieces.

The dishwasher not draining page lists some additional issues that could be related.

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Reduce the amount of food that enters the dishwasher rinse first clean filters atleast once a week and remove and clean jets in spray arms if these block arms will not turn and wash also check arms are nit jammed and free to turn and avoid poor stacking


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Make sure dishwasher is filling up all the way. Most of them fill to the bottom of the lowest sprayarm. If you start it by turning a timer be careful not to turn it to far. It has a timed fill, if you turn it to far you are missing part of the fill cycle. You may have a long water line to dishwasher and it maybe filling with cold water on first fill. If it's hooked to the sink hotwater feed you might want to run hot water to sink before you start dishwasher. Just a few things that it could be. There is a screen in fill line at valve.

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