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Devices that create three-dimensional objects from digital files, usually through additive processes using various materials such as plastics or metals.

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Has anyone used a 3D printer to make replacement parts?

I need to make a replacement part for an industrial toaster and wonder if a 3D printer could be used. A manual on how-to would be great if any one has the experience to write it.

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So far most of these 3D printers use plastic so if the area you need the part gets hot this won't work. The other problem here is you need to create the CAD drawing of the part with all of the dimensions to program the printer. Don't get me wrong here, I think it's a cool idea, just a little in-front of what can be done today. In the future I'm sure a video of the part will be enough for the system to create the basic CAD drawing (you may need to fine-tune it), and a cheaper 3D metal version comes out.

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Well, I guess someone else had the same idea! 3D scanner now you'll be able to scan the part you need to then have your 3D printer create a new one.


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99% of 3d printers use plastics or resin. Most use ABS and PLA which melt at 200 and 115C respecitvely.

The more expensive ones use PA12 (nylon) which melts at around 180C.

However most of these plastics will already get soft at 80C.

Metal printing is also taking off and is way more heat resistant. However the quality is still lacking and the prices still high.

If you want a cheap test piece, try 3dhubs.

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On the subject of scanning;

I once used a 2d flatbed scanner to scan the profile of a part then imported the image as a vector file to make the part

into a solid. May need to adjust the scale as well.

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