fried with a working cd rom

if the laptop is fried would the cd rom still powered on

its by one connection not 2 one for power and data thanks

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you mean you want to power on with an external power source or in the laptop it self ?


the laptop it self


what i think the cdrom would not power on if the board is bad right?


That will depend on your laptop. Some motherboards still supply the power to peripheral devices even so the CPU may have failed. It will depend on the symptoms of your laptop. Give us more detail about what is happening to your computer, and what laptop you have.


i have a toshiba satellite p305

this is what going on my friend ask me to help him out on his laptop.after a friend took poor care of it.when i opened it the plug in adapter had glue on i tryed to make modfiations to the case.tyied drilling a hole to place a generic plug in the place of it.while i was waiting for the replacment motherboard to come came in nothing so i brought a new bottom base.and pluged in sum of the wires meaning ribbon cables it.the power cable the media cable and the mouse pad cable.but i did not have the orginal media and the mouse was from a hp dv6000.when i brought it to a computer shop he said i mightve fried the board.i dont think so cause i think the cd rom would work right

if u want to chat thru facebook about this issue

just add me i need help big thanks


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