Red ring of death still occurs after fixes


i followed multiple tuts on repairing xbox 360 rrod sense how it was my first time in opening the 360. i did the x clamp removal and new plastic washers and new thermal paste and was perfectly working fine good as new and then one day i was playing GTA IV and the whole xbox made a weird grinding noise and then i got the rrod with 3 again. so i let it sit for 24 hours to let it cool down and turned it on and still got the red ring of death with 3 again so i decided to reapply thermal paste and loosen the washers and then i booted it up and runs fine for about 5 seconds and then flashes one and then instantly goes to 2. how can i fix this problem i really miss it already.

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Well my friend. Your tutorials have steered you wrong. These are quick fixes and rarely work. You have several scenarios.

1: You have used the wrong parts for the xclamp. The xclamp fix requires metal washers and plastic washers.

2: you have installed the x clamp fix wrong. Commonly people that use this fix tightens to much to one side. When done like this the heat seat sits "high" on one side. Apply the x clamp fix like you would a tire on a car. Tightening the xc lamp screws criss cross.

3: Grinding noise. Sound like fan went out.

Either way. You are going to need a reflow to finally fix the xbox 360.

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i think i followed the tutorials right and i have the plastic and metal washer. whats the best way to reflow the xbox?


I cannot give you that advice. Basically re-flowing is an art that takes time. Anyone can put a heat gun to a board. Re-flowing by hand takes practice.

I apologize. I just don't want to steer you wrong or be responsible for a bad reflow.


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