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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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AC compressor comes on but does not blow cold air.

My AC just quit blowing cold air but the compressor still comes on . Is it just low freon. If so how do i get the condenser to recharge it?

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You'll need also need to test & inspect the AC lines for a leak before you fully recharge otherwise you may end up loosing the freon still again. There is an additive you can add that can help you find the leak. Also make sure you use the correct freon.

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Gene Nugent, "the A/C system is under high pressure. Also, while R134a isn't as bad for the environment as the older R12, there is still a heavy fine for venting R134a into the atmosphere. You should never take apart your A/C system without proper training and refrigerant recovery equipment. Wear protective glasses at all times while servicing your A/C. Also, you will be working under or near the car while it is running. The service valve is behind the wheel well cover on the front driver side. Take a look on here for service and refill instructions. Hope this helps, good luck.

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