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What do I do if I accidently washed my iPod?

I forgot that my iPod was in my pants' pocket, and I threw my pants in the washer. The iPod is washed and I have left it in a bowl of rice. What else can I do or should I have done?

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Jarren, the same treatment as other water damaged iDevices would be appropriate. I suggest that you clean it. Rice and other desiccant's are a great first aid, but they will not prevent corrosion. Disassemble your iPod using this guide , and clean every part, connector and cable with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that you remove any EMI shield. Use a soft brush to clean the connectors and cable ends properly. Check for missing or burned components. Once it is cleaned, replace the battery. After that, reassemble your iPod and re-evaluate. Hope this helps, good luck

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