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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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No start up chime, fan rotates at a high speed, optical drive works

I spilt water on to keyboard, so I dried it out, dismantled it and cleaned the logic board and reapplied thermal paste to the processor and video card.

The laptop was dead before cleaning, no power up.

After the cleaning, when i plug my magsafe charger, it would boot (fan and dvd). the power button was not working so i sorted the power button pads to boot the laptop to see if my battery was still good. It worked and now the power button works.

I am sure that the keyboard is dead, so I might have to get a new upper case.

My issue is that there is no video output or start up chime, it just stays blank, no video at all. I have used flash light behind the apple logo to see if the lcd back-light is gone but it was blank, so i don't think its the lcd.

Anyone have any experience with this issue?

Anyone knows what it means when your macbook pro powers on by itself when magsafe charger is plugged in?

And maybe any possible reason for no video?

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Could you attach an external monitor to see, if it is a graphic cards failure or if the LCD may be damaged.

Normally no startup chime means, there is a hardware error.

Regards, Stone


Thank you for comment, I tested hdd and the lcd on other machine and it worked. So its nt the lcd


Ok, I see. Then it is most likely a problem with the logic board ... I think someone mentioned that fans spinning at full speed at startup is an indicator for a faulty logic board. At least you should try to connect an external display to the mini display port, to see if there is any graphics - if not, then the graphic card or the logic board itself seems to be damaged.

Regards, Stone


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In cases like that I open up a laptop for the motherboard inspection. Look very closely for ANY corrosion. Clean it up using a toothbrush and alcohol.

Even a very minor corrosion has to be removed.

Block Image

Here's a guide for Mac laptop liquid spill diagnostics.

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