New Display, streaks appear, does not respond to touch

I shattered the screen on my iPhone 5, replaced the broken display, and have run into problems. At the boot screen the apple logo is accompanied by vertical stripes the length of the screen that fade in, and additional green stripes along the left side. After boot, different stripes appear along the left side, overlapping the 1, 4, 7 buttons on the lock screen. Where the stripes appear, the screen does not respond to touch, but in most other areas it does. I've attached a photo of the boot screen showing the vertical bars. It isn't clear to me if the problem is that the new display is defective, I've installed it incorrectly, or some other issue. I've swapped the old display back in to see if it has the same pattern (other than being broken), and it does not show the same vertical bars in the same places. I've also disconnected and reconnected the LCD, panel and camera cables to try to resolve the problem without success. Either I get a garbled screen, or the same issue. FYI, the screen looks messed up in the photo because I have not removed the protector.

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