The Xoom Wifi is the second of two versions produced by Motorola. The device was released on March 27, 2011. Repair of this device is simple, requiring screwdrivers and plastic opening tools.

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Why won't my tablet screen turn on?

I charged my tablet and it powers on, but the display won't turn on. What do I do?

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If the tablet is charged, you probably have a dead display. I would suggest replacing the display assembly. Follow the steps here Xoom Assembly Replacement

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Thanks Andrew! Everyone here is so helpful and amazing.


You're welcome! Glad I could help!


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MY Xoom died and I put it away for several months. Finally I contacted Motorola and they said hold down the volume buttons when you turn it on and keep them on until it finishes booting. I thought Yeah Right but I did it and it worked, still using it after a year or so since it happened. This is supposedly a cure for several things that may happen. I don't use it much and mostly just for reading books and a few games but I think it's great.

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unbelievable... I thought my xoom was now totally dead after days of not powering on but appeared to charge OK and was looking on ebay for a new one. Found ifixit as a last ditch attempt to take apart and look for something loose (nothing seen). found Toms entry, pressed the vol and power buttons and it sprang into life... thanks Tom


I preformed the above and the screen with the Motorola emblem and words -starting R&D protocol support. ...

And nothing else.

Can anyone help. ..?


After an hour I came back turned it off and turned it back on it is working!



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