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Is my MacBook's SATA Cable broken?

Hello, I dropped my macbook a few weeks ago. At first it wouldn't boot up at all, but I managed to boot it up using internet recovery. I checked issues with the drive and there were all sorts of problems. I erased the drive and re-installed my OS. After that things gradually got better and it would boot occasionally, but it would always get suck on this screen at the beginning ( where it switches between the mac logo, folder, and circle. When I do manage to boot it up it'll work fine enough to use the web, but if I try a more intense task it will start freezing very frequently up until it's unusable. If I try to restart it while it's freezing and the computer is hot it will just stay on the circle with the slash through it during boot up. If I let it cool down though, it will begin the process again of going through all three of them ( until it eventually decides to boot up again.

I have managed to re-install OS X Mavericks through this painful process so I'm not sure if it's my HDD. Can this be a problem with my SATA Cable or even a logic board problem?

Thank you

EDIT: These are my DriveDX Reports and they are indicating 3 I/O errors and my UDMA CRC Error Count is 26,948.

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First thing I would do is replace the Hard drive/IR cable. I've has all kinds of issues with these cables from the 2009 machine to present. Get a new cable not a used one.

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