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The third generation of the Apple iPad, released on March 16, 2012. Full 4G and Wi-Fi model repair guides. Repairs require heat and careful prying. Model numbers: A1416, A1430, and A1403.

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How do I fix the iPad 3 Microphone

Are there any guides to fixing the iPad 3's microphone? If so is it worth fixing or should I just by a new iPad since my iPad is really getting on in age now but the only thing that is wrong with it is its microphone.

If it makes a difference my iPad is the wifi model 32GB

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Hey Aidan,

You can use this guide ifixit provides here. The parts are sold on that page as well. However, it's totally up to you if you want to buy a new iPad. Apple releases new iPads yearly and the iPad 3 is a wonderful choice. But, if you do want to buy the latest iPad, you can do that here.

-Hope this helped

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buy headphones with a microphone...

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