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A GPS navigation device with a large touchscreen. TomTom’s all-in-one GPS navigation devices all include a touch screen, speaker, USB port, and an internal Lithium-ion battery.

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wrong power supply plugged I blown fuse on pcb

wrong power supply plugged i blown fuse on pcb

what fuse do ineed to change on pcb and where to get from?

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How do you know it is a fuse the blew? Have you opened it up and taken a good look at the circuit board? What did you find?


Any chance we could get a photo of the circuit board?


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Using a different power supply would not hurt anything, but possibly the power supply. If the power supply's output current is rated too low, then it could overheat and kill the power supply. It can't have two high of a current rating, because a battery only draws what current it needs. If the voltage was incorrect, the plug wouldn't fit.

Your problem is likely not a fuse, or due to your power supply. If you open it and supply some pictures and explain exactly what the problem is, I can guide you through repairing it. I know this question is old, and you've probably moved on though.

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UBERFIX.. you are assuming too much. :-) ( it could not be wrong voltage else different plug ?? says who ? :-)

I blew mine cause i connected it directly to the 12volt line of the battery... I forgot that the cagatte's lighter plug has a converter inside.. :-(

So the way I overcome the issue was to connect o the cables of the internal tomtom battery.. But as an idiot.. I forgot again about the reduction of volts.. so now I think the device is really dead.. :-(

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