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The Apple iPhone 5c was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

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After battery replacement, my phone keeps resetting itself.

A few days ago, my friend dd a battery replacement on my iPhone 5c. The phone is completely up to date and I haven't experienced any issues before this.

After the replacement, the battery lasted for about 4 hours before completely dying. After plugging it in, the phone started rebooting by itself every few minutes. After messaging him about it frantically, he told me that it's just the battery and it's because it's new.

Calming down, I took the phone off of the charger, and it stayed on the same percentage-while functioning okay- for several hours. Knowing that this isn't normal, I restarted my phone, only for it to start doing the weird rebooting thing again.

Last night, after reading from several websites, I let it completely die and charge to 100% all night. When the phone was off, the battery wouldn't charge, so I kept the phone on, opting to just not mess with it.

Today, the rebooting thing has still been happening every few minutes-it's quite frustrating to say the least. For about six hours this afternoon I didn't mess with it at all-and it went from about 100% to 20% in that time span-the percentages jumping up and down a few times.

So here are my questions:

  1. Did I get a faulty battery-is that what's up?
  2. Did my friend just mess up my phone?
  3. What do I do? I can't function on a phone that resets itself every few minutes.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi Cara,

You could have a defective battery or a mistake during re-assembly during the first repair.

I would start with the following:

1- Follow this guide to remove the bracket that covers the screen connectors (step 9), and *IMPORTANT* examine the screws that are holding the bracket in place. Make sure the sizes were correctly placed last time. If one of the long screws (tagged as Orange or Yellow) was used in place of one of the shorter screws (tagged as Red, especially the one on the right-side), you could have damaged the phone during the previous repair. Let us know if you see this.

2- If the screws were correctly placed, breathe a sigh of relief and continue following the steps till 15 and 16. Remove the bracket holding the (battery connector) and the (charging-dock connector) to the board.

4- Unplug those 2 connectors, not just the battery connector like the guide says.

5- Use a magnifying glass to examine the 2 connectors on the board, and the small components around them to see if anything is partly broken off, completely missing, or broken or torn.

6- If all ok, gently re-seat the connectors and make sure they are properly seated.

7- Re-assemble your phone, *watch-out for the placement of the screws of step 9!! place them were indicated and don't over-tighten* then restart and test your phone.

If the issue persists, this time my bet would be that the battery you used the first time is defective. Try replacing again from a different supplier.

Let us know if the above helped, and what step in particular. Otherwise we can look for other causes..

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I'll have the guy that replaced the battery do this before he puts another battery in. I'll tell you how it goes, thank you :)


My Friend fixed the battery replacement but put in the wrong screws. How now?


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I had the same problem until I watched an youtube video in which I was told to have the phone turned off and switched to silence mode before replacing battery.

Try turn off your phone and toggle it to silence mode. Turn it on and then do a hard reset by holding both the "Power/Sleep" button and the "Home" button.

Mine is an iPhone 4S. Hope this help.

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I have the same problem how did you fix yours?

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There is one other possibility I can think of which happened yesterday with a phone I did a replacement of screen assembly and charging port assembly on. After finishing the phone showed a battery icon with a tiny section red once the charging cord was plugged in. It sat for almost 20 mins and never showed any increase in battery charge. Then it started trying to boot showed apple logo and shut down with uncharged battery symbol showing again and began to loop in this manner. I decided to try a hard reset. I held the home button and power button and in a few seconds a screen came up asking me to restore the phone with i-tunes. I knew it didn't need restoring, so just to see what happened, I left it in this mode with the reset request on the screen and still plugged into my laotop, after about 10 minutes the phone automatically rebooted to the home screen showing the battery had charged to 25%. After that, the phone ran normally. If all else fails give that a try, it worked for me when nothing else did.

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