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Support and repair information for smartwatches designed by Samsung.

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samsung gear s teardown

why you dont have the samsung gear s teardown ??

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Hi, im really struggling to come to terms with Samsung not standing by their products. I bought this Gear S back in May this year ( 2015 ) overseas and it has already died. Their only response at there Melbourne store is 'sorry, we can't fix it here as it wasn't bought here in Australia. Asked them how it is somehow different they replied that the software is somewhat different!!! C'MON!!!!

They are all made in the same factory and the watch is sold as a global watch. It adapts as soon as you link it up with your mobile phone.

Not only can they not fix it they can not tell me ONE service dept in Melbourne or anywhere that may be able to fix it!!

Totally over Samsung... extremely saddened by the whole thing.

Is there anybody out there that has got their watch fixed somewhere here in Melbourne!



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same question....

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anyone ?

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Good question!!!!!!

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