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Help identifying logic board part?

Block Image

Hi everyone, I need a little help identifying a part that came off my logic board. It's the piece that the red arrow is pointing toward. The damage was caused by a slipped screwdriver which caused a scratch that's highlighted by the red path.

It's directly to the left of the trackpad connection, by the way. I'm pretty sure the damage is what caused the trackpad and keyboard to stop working.

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Mike, that is reference designator R7800 which is a 5.1Kohm 1/16W 5% resistor in a 402 package.

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Thank you! This might be a dumb question, but where can I find a replacement? Would this work:


Yes it would


Great. Now, would it be possible to get a CircuitWriter pen and just bridge the resistor? Do you think the cut connection is what caused my trackpad and keyboard to fail? I realize these are tough questions without being able to actually see the logic board. I'm trying to decide what to do.


CircuitWriter pens are a. really messy and b. a PITA when you do have to solder eventually. I would take the money it cost for a pen and buy a few resistors. Get it soldered, it's the best way to repair it:-)


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