Apple iPhone 5s, 10 Eylül 2013 tarihinde duyuruldu. Bu cihazı tamir ederken daha önceki modellerde kullanılan aynı tornavida ve plastik açma araçları gereklidir. GSM/CDMA olarak, 16,32, 64 GB kapasiteli Gümüş, Altın ve Uzay Grisi renkli modelleri mevcuttur.

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Sunken Power/Sleep Button on iPhone 5s

My iPhone 5s power button has sunken into the housing and while it still clicks, it requires a fingernail to use. Can this be repaired by replacing the entire ribbon cable only or do I need to purchase a new ribbon + new power button? I read that in regards to the iPhone 4 this was an issue pertaining to the "black dot" removing and causing the button to sink in. All help would be very appreciated.

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Are you sure this iPhone has not been repaired/refurbished/tempered with before?

Anyway, the iPhone 5S power button is pushed in place by a bracket. This bracket is hinged on one side and held by a screw on the other side. It could be that this screw is loose. This way the button will sink but still work.

Or it can be that the "black dot" like you say is gone, in which case you'll need to replace the upper component cable using this guide.

Either way, you'll need to disassemble your phone to have a look. Use the upper component cable replacement guide (link here above) until you reach step 19, then step 25, 26, 27 (remove the red marked screw only), then 32-to-36. There you can examine the bracket without having dismantled everything just yet.

iPhone 5s Audio Control and Power Button Cable Resmi


iPhone 5s Audio Control and Power Button Cable


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Very informative and thorough. Thanks very much. And no, I'm not certain it wasn't tampered with in the past unfortunately.


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