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Video mucked up

My iMac G5 runs fine, but after booting, the screen either goes totally blank or displays multi-colored "hash". When I boot in safe mode, it works OK but you can still see some confetti in the background. I suspect that the video adaptor has some issues, but have no clue how to fix it, or whether it is even possible. I fear that the GeForce FX-5200 adaptor is some soldered-in chip that means replacing the motherboard, which basically means junking the computer.

Anyone know how to deal with this?


At Aussimac's suggestion, I ran the AHT and sure enough, it reports a VRAM error. I plan also to open up the case and see if the caps are zapped, but in the meantime, the error it reported was as follows:


Is there a guidebook somewhere that documents what these thing mean, or does anyone here know what this one indicates?

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I've seen this problem as a result of the bad capacitors in these units, especially if the 1800uf's in the row to the left of the Processor / Video Assembly have popped.

I recommend at the very least, opening it up and looking at the caps before doing anything else.

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Try running the AHT (Apple hardware test - Here) to see what the problem is.

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I concur with matthewfrey, it's almost always the caps in these models. It's the work of two minutes to open it up and look.

There are shops that inexpensively fix this problem (the one I use charges $240 to go through the whole iMac, fix all the problems (including power supply replacement), and ship it back, with 12 months warranty.) Otherwise you're looking at a new logic board.

The caps inside the power supply can croak too. Sometimes you can see if you shine a flashlight through the holes in the PS.

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