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The Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is an all-in-one color inkjet printer released in 2008.

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Cleaning/ replacing Scanning roller in ADF

How to clean/replace scanning roller in Auto document feeder in cannon image class 4350 printer.( Streaks appear in copies while using Auto document feeder)

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Very interested answer, but I am new, so can you send me photo or video?? Thanks in advance


@batran, almost everyone is new here. What do you mean by "Send me a photo or video."


Because I don't know where the sensor is...Tks!


optical point of contact with the document and if there is dust than big black streaks.......I don't know where is it???


Yes, ba tran has a great question, how do you know where the sensor is??


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This is a super easy fix. i had this problem and all it took was a microfiber cloth to remedy it. just whipe the scanning surface at the left edge of the scanner with the cloth be sure to get under the plastic feeder too because when you scan with the ADF (auto doc feeder) that small space is the only optical point of contact with the document and if there is dust than big black streaks

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Thank you for your instruct, but I still don't know...where is the only optical point to clean??? Can you take photo to show me please???


Please take photo and show me where to clean??? Thank you so much!!


I agree, a photo would have been very helpful!


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Hi @Josh Wilson

Here's a

Here's a video that may help.

Start at about 0:58 seconds into the video.

I realize that it is not for Canon printer but most printer ADFs work the same.

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