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The Xelio P1001A-BK is a low cost, full featured tablet computer based on the Android Operating System. It features a 10.1" full color capacitive touch screen, micro SD card reader, and full stereo sound.

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Why do I get sound out of only one speaker?

I can hear sound coming out of one speaker but I don't hear any sound coming out of the other speaker. I checked all the sound configurations on my tablet and they are at the correct settings. What else could be wrong?

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If you are getting sound out of only one speaker then it is possible the speaker not putting out any sound is either defective or one of the speaker wires is broken. Before trying to repair a broken wire or replace the speaker, try plugging a set of earphones into the tablet and check if you are getting normal sound out of them. If you are not, try playing an alternate music source like a music file stored on your tablet or an internet radio station. If you still do not have normal sound in both ear pieces then you most likely have an internal problem with the tablet sound system that you probably need to have a profession repairman look at. If you do have normal sound then the issue is with your speaker and you could try to repair it yourself.

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Bullshit. My Bluetooth in my truck is a cheap cassette receiver. However it’s worked forever like this. My CD player plays with both speakers. With Bluetooth, Some days my left side is playing, some days the right. Same with my ear buds. Only one at a time works. It’s aggravating. Since I’ve got a new iPhone pro max this has been a problem. With my truck and earbuds. $@$* is annoying as !&&*.

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I saw where you said your Bluetooth is only playing one side? Could it be the audio is set to mono not stereo? Just a thought..


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