**How To Use AirPort Express as Bridge to Time Capsule**

I've recently moved into a new building that has wifi included for its tenants. I have no access to the modem, router, or any ethernet jacks. I have an AirPort Time Capsule 802.11ac that I would like to connect to this network. In my last building, I was able to connect my Time Capsule to the existing internet through an ethernet jack. In turn, I then created my own wireless network which I used to connect all of my devices - rather than connecting them directly to the building's internet. Since I don't have an ethernet jack in my new building, I can't set it up like this. It was recommended that I get an AirPort Express Base Station and set the Express up as a bridge and then run an ethernet cable between the Time Capsule and the Express. I purchased the Express and have been attempting to do this, but I keep having the following errors:

1) Express is setup with internet. I test this by turning off wifi and connecting my laptop to the Express directly with ethernet. Internet works fine. Unplug ethernet. Attempt to connect via wifi..."no internet connection"

2) Express and Time Capsule recognized by Airport Utility, but then no longer seen OR seen, but told there's an error.

3) Express has green light, but not seen by Airport Utility.

I'm decently literate with technology, but clearly seem to be missing something because nothing is working. I'm guessing that I may have missed a step in my original setup. I'm just absolutely confused at this point. At this point, I want to do factory resets of both the Express and the Time Capsule and start over. Would someone please, please provide me detailed step-by-step directions for how to set up the Express and Time Capsule at my new building using the existing wifi? Thank you so very much!

I have: AirPort Time Capsule 802.11ac (model A1470) AirPort Express Base Station 802.11n (model MC414LL/A) MacBook Pro w/ Yosemite iPhone 6 iPad Mini wifi network name wifi network pw ethernet cable

I do NOT have: access to the router access to the modem access to an ethernet jack

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