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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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Can I replace my camera lens?

Accidentally dropped my EK-GC120 camera while I was trying to take a photo. Like salt on an open wound, it landed perfectly face down right on the camera lens as it was extended out. And now the lens itself does not close or open properly at all. I'm more than certain it's damaged permanently and cannot be fixed. My question is... Is there any possible way to replace just the camera lens itself? Or would I have to just buy a brand new one altogether? Cause the screen is still perfect, and all of the apps and features work properly except for the camera itself. I would just rather fix that then replace the whole thing if I can. Although, if it's cheaper to just buy a new one, that would be helpful to know as well. Please help...

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Yes ma. Camera lence is not workin


I had this camera over 2 years half I barely used it and yesterday I was taking a picture of my son with the flash and the red light come but the flash doesn't want to work anymore.

What do y'all think it's the problem?


I believe you should use the "ask a question" instead of asking a question into an unrelated issue, especially since this is the place for answers.


This page may answer your question. Why isn't the flash working?


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facedown018, use these instructions to replace your lens. Most replacement lenses will not come with the CCD, so remove it from your lens and transplant to the replacement.

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Instructions include:

"Most replacement lenses will not come with the CCD, so remove it from your lens and transplant to the replacement".

What is 'CCD' and how do you remove it?


@dck check the flex that goes from the motherboard to the lens you will see it terminates with the round part. Removing the flex from the lens will reveal the CCD sensor.


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You should be able to. I found a replacement set here, but no guarantee on part quality or ease of replacement. Also, this part doesn't include the CCD or lens housing either, so make sure you get all the parts you need. There are a few more options out there, but this one is pretty inexpensive. Have fun, and I hope you successfully fix it!

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