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Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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My code for my 04 honda

I need a code for my radio Honda odyssey

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You can get a honda odyssey radio code here;


RIP OFF. Why should I have to pay for a code from my own radio?


Well, its better than the $70 the dealership charges... I used that site and it worked great :) It's like $15. No brainer.


99 odyssey code radio


did you read the answer by @oldturkey03 above


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I got a working radio code for my Honda from

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keisha, look on the side of the glove box or behind the ash tray for a sticker with a 5 digit code .If its not there then you will need to remove the radio to get the serial number and either call your Honda Dealer for a new number or post it back. You can also try this:

Turn your radio off.

Turn key to the ON position. Do not start, just leave ignition in ON position.

Press and hold the numbers 1 and 6 on your radio with one hand.

Using your other hand, turn the radio on while keeping 1 and 6 pressed.

Ten characters will appear on the screen, usually alphanumeric. Write down all the numbers you see.

Now you can either drive to the Honda dealer, provide proof of ownership, give them the numbers, and get your code. Or you might want to try this one online.

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there is usually a five digit number inside the glove box. when you turn the ignition on and radio read out says error code punch those numbers in using radio buttons this should reset system.

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12154 this is the 2004 Honda Odyssey code I have for my radio

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