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Dell SFF desktop introduced for the home market in 2007.

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Suggestions for upgrading parts on a Dell Inspiron 530s

Looking at upgrading the RAM, video card, hard drive, etc. Just looking at getting my PC up to scratch instead of buying a whole new PC.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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I guess I should ask, is it worth my time or should I look at buying/building a new one?


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This may seem a little odd answering my own question, but here is the bottom line. It was not worth upgrading the Dell Inspiron 530s. I really leaned heavy on irish420311 suggestion on replacing the HHD for a SSD and adding RAM. I believe that this would have held up for awhile and worked just fine. However, after much research of upgrading vs buying a new PC. I found a third option of building a PC, which in the end is what I chose.

I believe that building my own PC will prove to be something I can continually upgrade and repair without having to buy a whole new PC every so often. Therefore keeping up with the essence of reducing electronic waste and repairing what I have over the long run. Also, if you have an old PC that you want to rid yourself of, instead of pitching it to the curb or selling it. Consider donating it to your local high school or vocational college for another generation to learn on!

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You are probably right. Still, I upgraded the power supply 400 watts and added a low-profile video card (PowerColor axr7 250) and put 4 gig in the box then upgraded my CPU to Core2Duo 3.16 GHz. I have a wireless Asus pce-n15. It runs right well (Windows 7 32-bit). I expect to keep this and my other two 530s machines running for a long time.

I also have two Vostro 200 machines which are essentially the same.


I upgraded my inspiron 530 with a used e8600 cpu and cx500 psu and a used radeon hd 4870 then the video card died. Then I abandoned that $@$* and picked up a cheap used micro atx motherboard that came with an i5-6500. You have to cut the back of the case to accept the back plate. that comes with new motherboards. Dell doesnt want to make upgrading easy. But with a pair of tin snips or a small cutting wheel or even a hacksaw you can make it happen. After you modify the case any micro atx board will slap right in.

I also upgraded to a gtx 1050 and added another fan to the front bottom of the case to pull air in.

Pick a decent motherboard that accepts relatively recent chips and has overclocking ability so you can upgrade easier next time.

Also compare the front panel connections from both mother boards incase you have to modify the wiring. In my case it was the same.

Or just get a new case and move everything over :)


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I believed I maxed out the available upgradability of my 530s.

1. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33Ghz $24

2. Memory: 8GB (DDR2 PC2-5300) $30

3. Hard drive: C: 530GB SSD, D: 4TB Hybrid $250

4. 3D Video: MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT 4GB GDDR5 $200

5. PCI: 4 Port PCI SuperSpeed USB 3.0 $30

6. PSU: 300w Second* external PSU (Slimline Power Supply Upgrade for SFF ) $22

*Yes, I wired a external PSU to add to the primary internal power supply. There were no available high power PSU that will fit the slimline case. There are claims that they are 300w but I highly doubt it. I bought one of this and mounted it externally. It supplied the CPU 12v P4 header to the motherboard, the 2 hard drives, and the DVD burner. The internal PSU basically supplied the video card and the motherboard.

The 2 most expensive upgrades are the video card and the SSD drives, which Im still going to have to spend upgrading for a refurb or mid-level $400 dell.

The upgrade, in my opinion, was worth it since I get to keep everything I had (OS Windows 7 Ultimate and apps) and didnt have to deal with transferring and setting it up. I also slowly did the upgrade in a span of 2 months.

This is my second /backup workstation. I can now play all my Blizz games and 4K video editing with PowerDirector 16.

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My thoughts exactly. If my Dell 530S is capable of this same upgrade, then I will most definitely just save money to do just that. This upgrades are more than enough for what I do and I dont do any 3D gaming but need to speed up my Dell with all the multitasking apps I do. Thanks Pet!



Did you try upgrading the RAM with DDR2-6400 sticks???

When I tried it with 8GB, it ran but only at the slower 667 speed.


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I think that this one will be difficult to upgrade the video card, but I suppose you could upgrade the RAM and hard drive and see a good bit of more performance if you get a Sold State Drive and max out the RAM, luckily I think the RAM is cheap for this PC, I think you will need PC2-5300 or 6400, it will run windows 7 fine with max RAM and a SSD, but I'm not certain about windows 8 or 10, only thing that will be holding you back will be the processor and I'm not sure what kind you have, more than likely a core 2 duo around 2.5GHz, and if so then I would stay at windows 7

Although you can find up to date Dell PC's for around 300-400$ that will work for at least 5 years, make sure you get the mid-tower or larger so if you do want to upgrade the video card later you will be able to

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