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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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1989 Honda Accord Security Device on ignition?

I have an 89 Honda Accord that we thought someone had lodged something in the ignition key hole. When it was disassembled, we found that the wheel had locked and we couldn't get the key in. when it was reassembled, we found the car would start but wouldn't go into gear?

I hate to sound stupid, but is there a security feature that disables the car once the ignition is disassembled? And how do I fix it?

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Your lacking some very helpful info. (What wheel locked & why that happened? Is it manual/ Automatic, any other symptoms ?) but if I have it right, the car starts fine, the steering column turns freely & operates correctly (ie; with key in & locks correctly w/ key out?) but you can't shift into drive (won't leave parking lock) ? I know there is a lock thats usually opperated by an electric pin actuator thats triggered by a switch on your break pedal & occasionally that switch can get pushed out of adjustment or alignment with the trigger button when working around the pedals or column? The plug may not be seated all the way? The wire may have been pinched & broken under the covering or pulled from contact at either end? You should ALWAYS CHECK FUSES FIRST WHEN TROUBLE SHOOTING ISSUES OF ELECTRIC NATURE! So there's usually a 1 or 2wire connect on the switch at the braek pedal & possibly a power connection thats made or passes thru where you were working on the ignition switch? Also I doubt this applies to your car but I'm not 100% so I'll mention it. I believe early systems like these were mechanicle or lever actuated so just a thought? Hope this gets you moving again... GL

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