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The Canon EOS Rebel T5, also known as the EOS 1200D, is an 18MP DSLR camera released in February 2014.

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Why am I not getting a flash when I take a picture?

When I go to take a picture the flash pops up, but when I actually take the picture there is no flash.

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Hi.My canon Eos 1200 d flash doesn't pop up any more.Any idea how I can fix it?


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Your light bulb could be broken or disconnected. Shake the device and listen for any loose wires that may have separated from the light bulb to the battery. For any further inquiries, please refer to the troubleshooting page.

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Like Austin Tucker said, the problem could be the light bulb, but it could also could be the capacitor used for making a very bright flash. If you take apart your camera, it most likely would look like a long thin battery. DO NOT short the pins of the capacitor, as if there is still charge in the capacitor, it can make a massive spark and you could get electrocuted.



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its 7 years old mate they probably fixed it


@badatrepair True. For some reason, it came up in my recently asked.


happens to me all the time


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