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Repair guides and support for coffee makers by Keurig including the K-Cup systems.

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Water damage to display screen on my Keurig 2.0

Original Post: Keurig 2.0

I was cleaning the outside of my Keurig and somehow water got inside the display screen and the bottom half is black. How can this get fixed, or what should I do? Please help!

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I was the person who posted this thread in 2015. I ended up putting the Keurig in my basement storage and brought up my Mr. Coffee that has never failed me. Since it’s been several years, my curiosity is piqued and I am going to bring it out of storage just to see what happens when I plug it in.

I was never a fan since this particular Keurig was my second one and I had to throw a fit of ginormous proportions in order to get it after my first one quit

working. I got an email that this thread had been active so I came back to see. Looks like we all feel the same!


My screen isn't black but it definitely has water blotches ....


I have a Keurig 2.0 and i haven't brewed 100 cups of coffee yet and the screen is blank . For those that want to defend Keurig.... sorry i'm not with you. They manufacture a poorly designed coffee maker and they should do a recall . Its's keurig's fault for the problem .... RECALL ....RECALL ...RECALL


I had the same issue being that it was under warranty there sending me a replacement. I do agree they should fix this problem being that it's always near steam and water they should have it sealed in case of this issue I love Keriug but the should really get this problem fixed. My last one I owned was the 2.0 425 I do believe. I got it wet before no issues. I have the highest one Wal-Mart sells here and got a little water on the screen and now it's all water under the screen


I had the same thing happen. My display is totally black


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remove the phillips head screws under bottom of lcd screen; there are 6 of them. Pop the clips visible all the way around housing. Carefully if your concerned about cosmetics. this will expose the brain, main 2.0 button and lcd screen housing. Unplug lcd screen plugs and motherboard plugs. you could try to find a replacement for these parts which I am in the process of doing, or try to dry it out, which may be too late. you can catch up with me at if you want to see what I found next should I forget to come back with completed resolution. Looking like the lcd is the common issue for all of us with these units. I am sorely disappointed that this hardware was not waterproofed more and keurigs failure to stand behind it is despicable. They know its an issue and offer no support only to discount a new product when this one works fine!

Update (06/22/2017)

This device however convenient is POORLY MADE. DO NOT BUY IT. I was able to open the unit up. No help from Keurig. I pulled the motherboard and lcd screen out. The motherboard is fine. I was able to get it to run preheating process after touching the back of the lcd screen that is unresponsive to touch. I WIPED the machine down and I get this. TERRIBLE. I is a water device, why would you not put parts that are protected from liquid and steam as I have seen with other complaints. They offered me 35 percent off of a new device instead of taking this piece of junk back and fixing their flawed design. BUT DRONES WILL KEEP ON BUYING won't we, instead of making them stand behind their product. What sad is people posting here that they got a new one because it was under warranty. FIND A NEW THREAD. Before I shell out another 180 bucks for something that worked for years, and quit working from wiping it down?! THEY KNOW. This should be a recall PERIOD. I will not be buying another product from this company until they stand up and do the right thing FOR ALL OF US! SMH. Shame on keurig. If i can find a replacement LCD it will stay, otherwise I will put this whole thing in the trash and there it will STAY!

LCD damaged from moisture and a TERRIBLE DESIGN by keurig. Its a joke. I cracked mine open since it is no longer under warranty. The motherboard is fine as I am sure yours is. I will keep you posted on fix.

6 screws on bottom and snaps on housing unit to remove cover. Currently have the screen in a bag of rice. Let you know how this works out.


Bypass general customer care and speak to corporate and MAKE THEM SEND YOU A NEW DEVICE OUTSIDE OF WARRANTY. I did. These folks are aware and their engineers are taking pride in fixing the issue. For the folks that posted in here they got a new one inside of warranty WASTED TIME typing to hear yourself talk. Seriously?! Really. I owned this pampered device for 4 years and it worked FLAWLESSLY. I was happy with it and as a matter of fact said it was one of the best appliances I have owned because it was sturdy and it lasts. New one on the way! Because I told them what I found instead of just accepting a discount for a new one and believing what I was told. FIND OUT! Do not accept anything sub-par when you spend the coin on these devices you do.

<EOT> will be no futher replies or updates, all you need to know is right here!

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how did you reach corporate?


I called their regular Customer Service line today. After giving me the same ridiculous lines about not being in Warranty and offering me a new one for $15 off the current price, I hung up. I read this article and called back and asked how I could contact Corporate Office. They connected me immediately. I politely explained that I hadn't even had the unit for 2 years, and it was dead. I calmly told them that it was really sad that a $150 Keurig wouldn't even last 2 years, but my 20 year old Cuisinart Coffee maker is still working perfectly! She said she totally agreed. She immediately offered to replace my Keurig free of charge with the Elite (Newest and best model). NOTE: They have replaced the digital screen with buttons. Apparently they have recognized the defect in their product and took steps to fix it!


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I just did what was suggested above. Called the Corporate Office and they immediately shipped a new one to me at no cost.

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Please tell me the phone number. All I did was clean my touch screen and now it wont work.


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I'd appreciate that number also

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