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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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LG G4 Security error #11

Is there any way to fix this? I know there is a factory image for tmobile but how do I go about flashing it when the phone won't go to any screen other than the LG security error logo.

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My Suggestion is to try and get it to go into Recovery Mode, This can be done by pressing the Volume Down Button and the Power Button, Once the LG logo appears when the device turns on then keep holding the volume button but release the power button then press and hold the power button again. This should get you to a Factory Data Reset let me know if this helps. Thanks

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I had the same issue, but it went to the error message before i could get it into recovery mode


I have the same error but could get to recovery ok using the above method. It's all timing to get into recovery. I have not fixed this yet but there is a return to stock method I am going to try. You boot the phone to fastboot and flash stock image.

Try this link:

That's what I'm trying.


I have the same problem. whenever I touch the security logo it only revert back to the screen with message: unfortunately, the process has stopped. This is making the phone very slow and not able to even uninstall unwanted installations.


Got as far as the dancing android then it kicked back to security message.


@bradleygustin it didn't work from me


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As posted in a reply above, if you go to the XDA link here: and follow the instructions to download and flash stock firmware image, you will be back up and running with a new out of the box condition.

There is also a Puerto Rico version you can flash that has no AT&T bloatware on it but does not support VOLTE. Thinking really hard about doing that as the bloatware is rather ridiculous.

Good luck!

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