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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Battery Not Charging, BIL LED error

I replaced thermal Paste on CPU and GPU then put the System back together.

After putting it back together, system did not want to charge the battery. I have reseated the battery several time and same issue. Also, The Battery Indicator Light is stuck on three or six when any type of power is present.

Reset PRAM/NVRAM - Same Issue

Reset SMC - Same Issue (but system turned on with out AC Adapter)

Ran AHT Experienced - 4sns/1/40000000: TB3T-128.000

- System Reports 0 Volts and 0% Charge in AHT

The system still runs fine but Battery charging/using functionality is lost

Any Suggestions/Soultions?

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Please give us the last four figures of your serial number, I want to check it for a possible recall issue.


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With the battery in, hover your cursor over the battery icon. Click on it (may be opt + click) ... it should give you a battery status in the drop down, and a link to explain the statuses.

Depending on that battery status... you might have to replace the battery. If you've done an SMC and NAVRAM reset... and all connections are firmly reconnected then the problem you are experiencing is likely the battery.

Quick questions:

What was the reason for the GPU fix... i.e. Did you have a spill or a drop?

Was the battery an issue prior to the logic board repair?

During the logic board repair, did you make sure to shield the rest of the board from the heat?

How long did the battery sit without being cycled while the machine was in need of / in repair?

- After some time without power draining and charging, these batteries tend to go dead pretty easily. I had one do this to me after it sat for about a year, so I can't speak to any time frames shorter than that.

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