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The Samsung SPH-M360 is flip-style cellular phone created by Samsung Electronics America Inc. It was released Oct. 31, 2010.

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Why will the phone no longer pick up my voice?

My Samsung SPH-M360 won't pick up my voice when talking into it anymore. What could be going wrong?

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I assume that people can hear you speak on phone calls but that you are having problems when you are using the phone's voice services. Is this correct?

If it is not and people can't hear you when making phone calls, then try the following.

Plug in earphones with a microphone attached. If people can hear you, (and you can hear them) when you are using it, it proves that the voice sending part of your phone is working but that the internal microphone is faulty. If people can't hear you at all and you can still hear them then the voice sending circuitry in the phone is faulty.

If it is when you try to use the phone's "Voice Service" facility, what response do you get when you press the talk button?

If none, try and "reset" the Voice adaptation and then re-adapt the phone to your voice again and see if that works.

Here is a link to the user guide, scroll to p.59 for details on how to adjust the various ASR options/settings.

If you get no response when pressing Talk after trying the above, perhaps your Talk button contacts are not working anymore. If it is a popular function with you, it may be that, like the most popular button on a TV remote, it is worn out through a lot of use.

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Since the problem was with people hearing me, I used what you said about the disconnected microphone. I had to use some of the guides on the device page, but I got in and found that the mic had come disconnected. I'm pretty sure I fixed it, so thanks for the help!


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