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The Xiaomi Mi 4 is the fourth generation of the Mi line of smartphones produced by the Xiaomi Technology Company. It comprises of the latest technology that all phone companies have to offer in the world.

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My mi 4 is not turning on...

hi am in Germany and i dont find anyone who can repair my Xiaomi Mi4.. it just got switchoff and dosnot get turn on please adice me

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for me, after overnight charging my xiaomi mi4w, in the morning, my phone suddenly cannot turned on. after many times of googling, i found out some temporary fix is just, charge your phone with higher or lower output power. for me, i just charged with my laptop, and miraculously my phone was "jump start" from that. and clearly, my battery is 100% fully charged. this type of problem is clearly not SOD or bricked phone. in my case, i am using Global Beta ROM 6.9.22.

noted that this is only temporary fix. permanent fix might involve change the battery because of faulty. idk, i plan to change in the future


thank u very much for posting this.... i had similar issue and it got resolved...... i went to service center but they said it needs complete formatting and reset.... that would have costed me all my phone data.... with your trick i could save all my data... thanks!!


Thank you for this post. I'm in Nigeria and I was watching a youtube video on my phone till my phone battery reached 5% and it suddenly went off on its own and stopped charging. I tested with different chargers all to no avail. ai had to resort to Google. My first Google search brought me to this page and I plugged the phone to my Mac as instructed and immediately the charging light started blinking and I later plugged it directly to the charger and it's working fine now. Thank you once again.


This is not working for me...any other trick pls...


The laptop charging method worked for me..on Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime bought just 2 days back


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You need to try to hard reset your phone.

Before you do, try if you can, to charge the phone battery so that it has a reasonable amount of charge.

Do not perform a hard reset with the charger connected.

Warning : A hard reset will erase all your downloaded apps and user data and will restore your phone to factory default condition.

To perform a hard reset :

Turn your phone off.

Press & hold the Volume Up and Power buttons together.

Release the Power button when the Mi logo appears on the screen (don’t release the volume up button yet).

When Recovery mode shows, release the Volume Up button

Navigate using the volume buttons (up or down) and confirm by using the power button.

Select “English” (or whatever language you prefer).

Then select “Wipe Reset”.

Next choose “Wipe all data” and confirm by selecting “Yes”.

Be patient the process takes a few minutes.

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I tried this with my MI4 Phone. I had purchased the phone on April 03 2015 and the phone went dead on April 24th 2016 exactly after a weak after the warranty period was over. Finally I took it to the MI4 service center at Rajajinagar. I was given a token with number 39 and I had to wait for nearly 2 hrs to get my turn. All that they did was connected my phone to computer USB port and then told me it is hardware problem and they need to change the board and that would cost Rs 10000 + . I had purchased this phone through Flipkart when the phone was first released and spent Rs 20000. The phone was available at a price of about 13000 after a year. I then took it to a local service man Who had repaired my samasung phone at a cost of Rs 3800 for which samasung service center had given an estimate of Rs 8000 for repair. The fellow is still trying I had made at least 20 visit to him. The lesson I had learnt is cheapest is the best wont work. Ximomi should recall all these phones and replace it.


I m facing same problem in mi4i

and exectly after one year latter my handset also not swich on and not charging from any charger.


i had allso getting these problems . .my fone is not stsrting just after leaving the warrenty period . fone is nor starting up nither geting charged


My xiomi mobile suddenly got turned off and now I am not able to turn it on!!! It is not getting charged also :( its 1 year 2 months since I bought this mobile.


Hey i did the same what u answerd my phone is now working


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I also faced the same problem,but my MI4 phone finally turned on when I pressed the volume button and the power off/on button. I changed my preferred language,then selected first option REBOOT because I fear loosing my installed apps . And BOOM It started working normally!

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what about your photos? is it still there in your phone when you reboot? im scared :(


@faridahashrose My photos and apps were still in my phone after I managed to switch it on again. What I did was to charge my phone via my laptop (with my phone turned off) till it is fully charged (100%). Then, I pressed the volume button & power off/on button for almost 1 min. My phone was back to life again! ^^


Hi @shin95 ,

Hopefully you have made a "backup of all your data" in case the next time your phone fails you can't get it started at all.


It worked for my xiaomi mi 4 phone. I kept volume up,down and power button pressed till half minute. Mi logo came. Choose language ( navigate using volume button and select using power button). And choose reboot option. No data is lost.


Thanks a lot @cramhu1986; It worked as suggested.


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If the phone turns off when the charger is removed it appears as though the battery is failing to hold its’ charge and needs to be replaced.

Here’s a video that shows how to change the battery in the phone.

Replacement batteries are available online. Just search for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 battery to get results for suppliers of the part.

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My Mi Note 4 had the same problem. Suddenly wouldn't come on while charging. I tried pressing the power button and the Volume Up button together but it didn't work. Finally, I connected it to the laptop for a few minutes and then to the regular charger. It asked me if I wanted to reboot. I clicked Reboot to system...and then voila! It came on. Thanks a lot Ma Ismuka! From India


Me Mobil redmi not restart


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I was facing the problem tomorrow I solved it my force rebooting

I was searching for this solution everywhere bt I didn't find any proper solution of this problem.

Bt today I got a proper solution of this problem

How to fix mi smartphone not turning on

Hopefully this will help you even I also solved this problem. So I think this will help you also.

Try this this may solve your problem too.

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I wanted to share a solution for a similar issue I experienced with my Redmi N10, as I found this thread while searching for answers. My resolution didn't require opening my Mi phone, unlike some suggestions I found.

In my case, the problem was caused by an extremely low battery. When I plugged in the phone, it vibrated, drew approximately 0.7-1A for around 30 seconds, and then shut off. I pressed and held the Volume Down button to enter fastboot mode, where the phone began charging at 0.7A. However, it would shut down again after about a minute. When attempting to charge the phone, the ammeter showed 0A.

To resolve the issue, I booted the phone in fastboot mode, quickly connected it to my computer, and ran the command "fastboot getvar battery-voltage." This showed a battery voltage of 3.1V. Then, I swiftly connected the phone (still in fastboot mode) to the charger. This time, the phone didn't shut down and continued charging at 0.7A.

I hope this solution helps others who may encounter a similar issue with their Redmi Note 10 or other Android devices.

I'd like to leave a link to other solutions on Mi phone not turning on though charging I compiled. My current Mi phone is Xiaomi Civi 1 (256/12GB version) and I'm a big Mi fan due to the interface .

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