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Acer Aspire V3 Series Laptop. Sometimes referred to as Q5WV8.

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How to replace blutooth?

My bluetooth isnt being detected anymore where is it located and how do i replace it.

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Is your Bluetooth turned on? Check in Device Manager and see if there is a Bluetooth Adapter listed under Bluetooth Radios. If so check that it is stating that it is working properly (right click on Bluetooth adapter , select properties, info is in box in middle of window in General tab). If not, is there is a red cross or yellow exclamation mark next to the bluetooth adapter listed? If it is disabled, try enabling it. If it says that it is not working properly, download (go here select your OS, scroll down to Bluetooth driver and install the correct driver for your Bluetooth adapter. The adapter 's make and model info should be shown in Device Manager. Make sure you download the correct one. Once installed it should state that it is working properly i.e. no red crosses or yellow exclamation marks.

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my device manager says that my bluetooth is not connected. I already tried reinstalling the drivers from the manufactors website but when installing it says it does not detect the bluetooth. To add more details. my bluetooth would stop working when i would put my computer to sleep, but would start working when i would either restart the computer or turn it off and back on again. This time my laptop bluetooth just stop working.. I would like to know where it is so that i may take a look at it.



Did you try installing the drivers from the link I posted above.

Wondering if there is an on/off function for your Bluetooth in BIOS or with function keys. Some laptops you can turn off WLAN and Bluetooth in BIOS.

Here is a link to the service manual for an Acer v3 551. hopefully it will help you.

What OS is installed? Have you tried Fn+F3 to turn on Wireless? Wireless could mean WLAN and Bluetooth.


i tried your drivers and didnt work. everything in bois is enabled, the only thing to do is replace it. im going to see a friend who knows someone with some parts ill keep you updated.


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Currently the latest version of Bluetooth is reached, i.e. Bluetooth v4.2. This latest version allows very fast data delivery and greater capacity. You can also read This article: he's the latest 4.2 Bluetooth technology. Maybe you've experienced a problem Bluetooth not able to connect, but you don't need moderately straight panic, Yes. Try to fix it with simple ways:

1. Clear the Cache

Too many cache stored may make you Bluetooth suddenly error. The fix is quite easy. Ye clears the cache stored in the HP Android. So easy to clean it up, you can use the application Clean Master

2. Clean the application Data

You can also clean data Bluetooth applications in the HP Android. The way you live, go to Settings. Continue to select Apps, and then search for "Bluetooth Share." Then click the button "Clear Data". This way used to clean various data, settings, and tools that are installed with the HP Android you.

3. Restart the HP Android

Try you first restart the HP Android you. You can simultaneously disconnect the battery, memory card, and the SIM Card. Continue to let stand used to be up to ten seconds, and then plug it back in and turn it on again. Because maybe you just need Android HP breaks.

4. Factory Reset

The last way you can do is restore back-up all existing data in the HP Android you, then take a Factory Reset in order for HP Android you back to the original settings.

Now that is some how to troubleshoot Bluetooth on HP Android you. Hopefully this can help you in troubleshooting complex problems in HP Android you with a simple way

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It is not an Android system it is Windows


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