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HTC One (kod adı M7), HTC'nin 2013 yılı amiral gemisi telefonudur. Kusursuz tasarlanmış yekpare alüminyum gövdeye, ön tarafta 2 adet büyük hoparlöre ve 4.7 inç 1080p ekrana sahiptir.

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fix memory on htc

when i turn on my phone it starts up and shuts off, i was told to bootloop. can someone explain this?

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Bootloop means that your phone is caught in a continuous loop of turning on (Booting or Boot), advancing to a point in the startup procedure, (usually just showing the logo), then shutting down and doing it all over again, until you force it to stop. Hence the term 'boot-loop'.

If this is what your phone is doing, it is because the Operating Software (OS) has become corrupted in some fashion and is not able to perform as intended.

To recover from this situation, it is necessary to perform what is known as a 'hard reset'. This will restore your phone to what is known as a factory default condition. Your phone will be exactly as it was when you first bought it. Unfortunately you will lose all of your downloaded apps and user data. Normally before you perform a hard reset you should back up your phone so as to preserve all your apps and data, but in your case this is not possible as you cannot access your phone. If you have performed a backup in the past, you can, after performing a hard reset, restore your phone to the state it was in when you did the backup.

The procedure to perform a hard reset follows. Ensure, if you can, that the phone's battery is fully charged before you start the procedure. Also do not have the charger connected when you perform a hard reset.

You can do this at any time with the phone either On or Off

Press the Power Button + Volume Down button together for several seconds until a white menu appears

Release both buttons

Navigate the menu with the Volume button and select Factory Reset, to choose or enter press POWER Button

The HTC ONE M7 will perform the reset. It takes several minutes, just wait until it finishes.

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