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The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer. Released in 2003. Model number: CB815A#B1H.

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Pickup rollers not working

Hi, the pickup rollers on my printer are not picking up paper and feeding it to the other rollers. They are not turning at all. I removed them and cleaned them but this did not fix the problem. The HP website has no other suggestions. Though the printer isn't new, it's seldom used, so user stress isn't the problem. Suggestions? Ideas?



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According to the following link what you are experiencing is a very common problem with your model printer.

Here is a 'solution', as HP apparently do not want to know about it. Scroll down to Jambro's post of 11-11-2015 11:08 am.

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Hi, Guys. I am trying to fix the same problem on a HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z, but the floor of the unit has no free space for a hole to be drilled, seems they found out about JamBro’s advice, deleted his pic URL’s, and changed the design of the unit, just for him. Maybe my question will clarify my problem. My rollers shaft appears to be very “lose” in it’s position, able to be lifted up and down with an earbud. Is it supposed to be so mobile, or has something given way, that was supposed to keep the shaft in place?




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