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The Acer Iconia One 7 is a tablet released on April 2014. The Iconia One 7 is a compact package full of media fun. With a bigger-than-phablet display that is both clear and colorful, you get speedy response and hours of battery life to keep things going. We’ve also included our Kids Center platform with lots of cool kid’s stuff that parents can control.

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How much would it cost to fix my tablet?

I dropped my tablet and now it won't turn on. Im assuming something inside broke considering the side with the buttons (right side) detached from the screen near the bottom corner.

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Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

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Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

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This is a loaded question as there's no way of saying unless its opened up to see whats all is broke. Did the screen break at all? Take a flashlight shine it on the screen and look at the layer below the glass for damage. You may have damage the LCD replacing that could run into the 100 dollar range. Or it may be a damaged battery or just a disconnected wire from the impact. You may want to take it apart and look inside.

Acer Iconia One 7 Battery Replacement

This shows how to open and replace or inspect the battery. It may also be that its just separated from the power button and you may just need to snap it all back together. Hope this helps

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