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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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PowerBook G4 550Mhz case change?

Hello,I have a doubt and I'll be gratefull if you help me with this:

I have Powerbook G4 550Mhz Titanium and PowerBook G4 400Mhz Titanium...

My question is:Can I use the case from this 400Mhz to put all the parts from this 550Mhz into this one because this 400Mhz's case is better preserved...??

are the cases for both models same and perfectly suitable one to another?

is there any guide to completely take apart both of these models??

It will be very helpful for me because I would like to switch cases between these two models....

I'm awaiting your reply!

Best regards,


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I believe you should have no problem with this exchange.

Both Books carry the same model number M5884. Here's a look up of that number showing both your machines.

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+ research




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alright....I hope there is no differences between 500mhz and 550mhz....I believe they are same....

thanks very much for your reply...I'm trying this project as soon as I grab a bit of time...

It will be nice if anyone else can confirm me this information,just want to be sure before I take these things apart...??


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Check the batteries and port connections to be on the safe side.


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