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Originally released in 2006, the NeatDesk is a desktop document scanner with ADF and full-duplex features. The early revision has model number "ADF-070108" and the newer revision is model "ND-1000."

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scanner not finding paper

paper not being detected when inserted into scanner

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Is it trying to scan just it is not able to scan it for some reaason please let me know if I am correct or not


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Hope this helps-Calvin Mogilinski

This error is commonly caused by issues with the scanners’ software driver files.

link on Repairing Scanner Drivers in Neat For PC:

instructions on Re-installing Scanner Drivers in Neat for Mac:

Once the steps have been performed, restart the computer, disconnect any other third party scanners and attempt to scan your documents again.

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Links are no longer available. Please recommend other solutions?


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Do not have an answer. Just more questions.

Scanner turns on and is recognized by software. Document(s) inserted into scanner, Scan button in software (and on Machine) selected. Document will not move through scanner. No noise is heard. ND-1000.

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