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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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How to bypass password and do a total factory reset

I found an I pod touch, model A1421 , in parking lot. Its password protected so how do I bypass password and do a total factory reset ? Ive never owned or used anything Apple before, but did just create an I Tunes account because according to most articles I will need to connect to it to do a restore. However, keep getting error messages.

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Depends on the error, which is probably why it was left unattended in the parking lot. Lately Apple has been doing an update that has had some issues with various IPhones and IPods which has broke some and That could be what has happened to the one you found. Post the error code or codes and google it it might be that it can be fixed.


What does it say on the screen?


Can u do that for a moto4E


I had the same problem, but I've already restored mine and now I'm trying to get passed the Apple ID crap! I found this ipod 5th GEN A1421 in an e-waste bin with a cracked screen, but it works after charging it! Is there anyway to bypass the Apple ID that is linked to?


Unless someone deactivates it from the apple id, no. Unless of course you want to do a logic board replacement.


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If it is locked to an I-tunes account you CANNOT unlock it. Even if you do a full reset/restore. You will have to log into the ORIGINAL I-tunes account to gain access. It is locked to the digital serial number registered to the original account.

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Apple site says that a forced restore can.


You can bypass the "screen password" by using the steps listed by Brian Reeder in the comment above but after that you get the next message. "Reactivate you Ipod by logging into your Itunes account. Please enter the password for your Itunes account , password:_________________"


i have a Gen6 128Gb model I would LOVE to get passed this step but after over a year of looking I have given up and will be using it for spare parts for my gen6 32Gb. :(


You can unlock iPod from your iTunes, just connect your iPod to iTunes, and from the Summary, you can see Restore iPod in the right side, tap on it without hesitation. It's one way to unlock iPod passcode without restore . But if your iPod can't connect to iTunes, you can turn to Eelphone iPhone Unlock to bypass password in iPod with the detailed guide.


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Erase your device with recovery mode

Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. ...

While your device is connected, force restart it: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. ...

When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. ...

Wait for the process to finish.

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Turn off. Hold home or Volume down depending on generation. While holding home (6th gen or earlier) or vol down (7th or newer) plug into to a computer with iTunes running. It will then enter restore mode. Go to iTunes and follow prompts Might take a couple tries but it works and is Apples method given to users who want to completely reset iPods/iPhones that are locked.

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If you do not have itunes account, you will unable to unlock your ipod touch via itunes. Maybe you can try to turn to the third-party unlocker. I used an ipod unlocker named joyoshare ipasscode unlocker to solve such problem. Hope it can help you too.

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