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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How to format with usb port

i change my hard drive and i want to formating but want to does the mac can take windows and also i have try pendrive but it do not show my cd rom is weak now so how can i do it?

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I cant understand what your trying to say. Can you rephrase what you said?


Are you trying to run Windows on your MacBook?


@dboadi - Post your question in your native language, Let us worry about translating it.

Clearly explain what you want to do and what you have now.


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The best solution is probably to buy an external USB DVD drive and install using that. Then you can use Disk Tools after booting from the OS X Install DVD.

This guy has even more good ideas:

If you really want to do it the hard way you can do this:

To boot your Mac to a thumb drive (USB Flash), try this:

Once you boot into Puppy 8 Linux, use GParted to initialize and partition the drive. I suggest creating 3 partitions, one to mount at / (for OSX), one to mount at /home (for all of your files), and one for the swap drive (2x RAM + 1GB). If you do that, you can install OSX on one partition, and then install the next version, or reinstall OSX, without losing any of your files.

This article should help (includes instructions on converting Mac OS Extended partitions to APFS):

If you get stuck along the way, add comments here so we can help you.

Hope that helps!

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Dave - This MacBook has an optical drive so you shouldn't need an external. You also don't need still another OS (Puppy 8 Linux) and you for sure don't want to use anything newer than El Capitan OS-X 10.11. Lastly, You can't run APFS on the system at all! The required file system is HFS+.


@danj , did you read the entire OP? For example "my cd rom is weak now so how can i do it?". The optical drive is not working, that is the reason he is posting here.


Please undo your down-vote on my answer. You are wrong, see OP.






@Dave - The better direction would be to replace the optical drive if it is not working at all. Often times its just a dirty lens so a CD cleaner disk is all thats needed.


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