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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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G4 PowerBook partial boot?

My G4 VGA model will chime halfway then stop. Although the caps-lock light stays lit and the battery will charge, there is nothing else showing that it is powered up.

Half chime...that's IT!


I AM "using a Generic OS X build" 10.4.11, and the laptop was booting fine until one day last week, when it booted only half way through the chime. The model number has rubbed off the bottom, but there are only three choices in the ifixit repair guides and this is NOT the DVI model. This is a Titanium 667MHz, so it must be model M8407. I have torn it down and put it back together, and plugged another start-up button into the board; the new start-up button did not change things so that's not the problem, and the reset button is not the problem. Since it is hanging up half way through the start-up chime, the "failing after POST" tells me what's going on: failing before the standard gray-screen, but does not provide a prospective solution. I will try an external monitor, but only if the VGA port can link to another VGA port on another LCD that I know to be good.

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I have the same problem - was there ever a solution for this?


With no external display you have a GPU/logic board problem. - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the O.Q. or Answer.


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It's failing after POST

In OS X command-V will give you a line by line of whats going on,... the last line of the boot sequence, or the line that should be next, is where your problem lies.

OS X Start sequence I suspect bad firmware, or BootX. If you're not using a "Generic OS X build" that could be your problem.

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I have no screen, so there's no line by line.


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G4 VGA really doesn't tell us much. Without knowing what you're running there's really to much to tell you to do, half of which may not pertain to your situation. Reseat your video card, check your VGA connections and cables, hook your monitor up to another computer.

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mayer is correct--we need to know what model you have to be able to help--please follow the link to id your computer and give us the info so we can assist you. +


Thanks for providing your model. I would first re-seat the RAM. But do it one chip at a time, in one slot and then the next. Hooking up to an external monitor is good only when you get a full boot. I would try starting up from your system installation disk and run disk utilities. That failing I would remove the hard drive and try to boot from the Optical drive.


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