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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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Ringtone Setting not understood

I cant work out how to assign different ringtones to different callers in my contacts list. I can enter edit mode in contacts view and change notification sound, and can change group membership, but I cannot change ringtone. I have tried it with the fiull contacts file copied from Google to Phone...makes no difference. I cannot see how to copy contacts to the SIM...maybe that is what is required..? Can anyone help please..?

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Yeah, sorry but I don't think that link adequately answers the question either.

This specific feature is maybe only ONE reason I would not recommend the lg g5.

I think they totally screwed up how easy it was to assign a ringtone (which ever one you wanted)

to a specific contact.

I've tried assigning certain contacts to groups and then changing the ringtone of the group.

Then I asked the tmobile chic and she said to always save your contacts to your email account.

So....the lg g5 will not let you assign a specific ringtone you want if you save it to the sim card or the phone account.

I've had this phone a month and I'm still working on it but basically by downloading other apps and transferring music tones from my computer (caused imho theirs suck) and now I have contacts duplicated all over the place.

I finally just downloaded a ringtone I LIKE and assigned it to all.

Now I'm fishing out duplicates. I want contacts saved on the sim, the phone, and the gmail account but does it really have to list the contact 3 times?

I know I didn't answer the question, just know, it IS SCREWED up and the reason I bought the phone....for the battery swap out may have been a mistake. The ringtones (if you can hear them) really are so bad.

In other countries they are supposed to have a bang and olfsen audio system but not in the us. why?

This operation of assigning a certain song or sound to a certain person has always been easy peasy on every single phone I have used until now.

Flagship crap.

What is the purpose of letting the phone assign a ringtone to a person so that when that person calls you have no idea who it is? Isn't that the point?


1. Go to the setting app

2. Select the ringtone ID and set it to favourites only

3. Go back to the main menu of G5, then go to the dialer app

4. Browse and select the contact you want to edit a ringtone for

5. Select the pen-shaped icon to edit the contact

6. Then select the ringtone button

7. A popup window will show up with all your ringtone sounds

8. Browse and select the song you want to use as a ringtone

9. If the ringtone you made isn't listed press '+' on the upright, or make sure the ringtone played by music app, then you can find the ringtone you made on the list.

By Sylvia Chung work at China Town in UK


Sylvia Chung, Wow, so beeping simple, thanks your my hero


In the contact (editing mode) "Contact ID" is in gray and not active...

cannot change to prefer one...


Are you using a Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia or iPhone phone? If you could be more specific, I think I and everyone else on this forum could help you fix the problem of assigning ringtones to different callers in your phone contacts.


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Hopefully the following link is of some benefit. Scroll down to post #4 and below to see information relevant to LG.

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It's a setting in your phone. Go to setting, then sound and notification then turn off favorites only.

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I fixed this problem by copying my contacts to my phone (not the sim) and making sure the ringtones I wanted to use were in the correct folders (I got them from Zedge; the storage area isn't the Contacts default). If you are still having this problem, try it.

EDIT: When you do this, turn off Ringtone ID entirely.

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To assign different ringtones on your LG phone, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the "Settings" app

2. In the "Settings" menu, find and select the "Sound" item.

3. In the "Sound" section, you will see options like "Ringtone", "Notification music", "Call sound", and other similar options. Select "Ringtone" or "Notification tone" depending on the type of sound you want to change.

4. When you select "Ringtones" or "Notification tones", you will see a list of ringtones available on your phone. To change the ringtone, select one of them.

5. If you want to use a ringtone from your own sound file, you can choose the option "Add from SD card" or "Add from internal storage" (depending on your phone) and browse to the audio file you want to use.

6. After selecting a ringtone, the phone will automatically apply the new ringtone for incoming calls, messages or notifications respectively.

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