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The Nobis NB09 9” is a lightweight, portable internet tablet, released on January 17th, 2014.

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My Nobis NB09 has virus problem

My tablet has virus problem but i can't install anti virus apps on google play and always said Error Downloading " there is insuffiencient space on the device " and i put sdcard also i did not have any apps download, tablet can't shutdown too so any one can help.thank u

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Start by shutting it down , If you cant shut it down normally try holding the power button down until it does shut down if this doesnt work you will need to either let the battery die or disconnect the battery. Heres a guild to help with the battery.

Android Tablet Nobis NB09 Battery Replacement

Once you have the tablet shut down we want to restart in the android screen we get there bypressing the reset button on the back with some sort of pin then holding down the power button and the volume button together until you see the android man . From here we can do a factory reset. follow the instructions from this instructional video

remember though when you do a factory reset you loose everything on the tablet , all photos , music, contacts it goes back to the settings it had when new. This is a trouble shooting guild it may also be helpfull

Nobis NB09 Troubleshooting

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thank u very much for answer my question I already did many time before i write on, also my tablet can't update apps , i keep trying install or dowloading anti virus on google play store still error so any solution for this problem?thank u


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