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The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer prints high quality prints of up to 13" x 19". In addition, it supports cd/dvd printing.

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Why does it keep telling me to close the cd/dvd guide

everytime i try to print it wont , it keeps saying close cd/dvd guide cover

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Is the cd/dvd tray open?


@fimbriano there is no cd tray incerted


I have this same problem and I have tried everything! And no it is not open


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There's a rubber feeder on the right side of the paper tray at the bottom. Clean it with rubbing alcohol the best you can, and do it while it's feeding paper through to get more of its surface cleaned. It fixed my PHOTO 1400 but it was very frustrating until I found the solution online.

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Thank you very much! This did the trick, however I didn't have any rubbing alcohol handy, so I used some glasses cleaning wipes


Thanks! This also fixed this issue for me! I wonder if the "rubber feeder" is available as a repair part? I.E. maybe these "dry out" and loose their grip, over time.


So this worked for me after hours of trying to figure this out, soi I am thankful. However, I am totally confused what the rubber roller has to do with a CD tray open close error??? This is really mis-leading and can have you on a wild goose chase. Once again, thank for NOTHING Epson!


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