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32GB Crecked Screen??


I am just wondering if I am able to buy and use a digitizer for the 2nd generation and place it on the third generation as I cracked my 32GB iPod Touch? Are the connectors the same and in the same place and are the screen sizes exactly the same? As I have found it harder to find a place to purchase the digitizer in the UK for a reasonable price (if you know of a good site please provide me with a link thanks).

Any help is much appreciated.


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Unfortunately, the 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen front panel/digitizers are incompatible. You would need a 3rd Gen-specific front panel/digitizer.

I'll keep a lookout for a place that sells the part, but because they are so new, replacement parts are hard to come by.


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iFixit now carries the correct screen.


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I have heard that the 3rd generation 8g iPod touch uses the 2nd generation glass/digitizer. Can anyone verify? I have one with a broken screen

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I've heard the same, but the larger capacity 3rd gens are different, I think only the 8gb Touch 3rd gen has the same glass as the 2nd gen.


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