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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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replacement battery does it nerd to be charged?

do i have to charge a replacement battery?

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In most cases replacement batteries have around 40% charge or possibly lower depending on how long and the environment it is stored in. So normally it should not need to be charged immediately to power on the device. If you have received a battery that has had a longer shelf life it may need charged. If it has sat for a long period of time before you received it than it may read at zero volts with a multimeter. This is due to a protective circuit in the battery. The protective circuit will put the battery in a sleep like state if activated. It helps protect the battery from overcharging, discharging, to high or low of temperature and other factors that can damage a lithium ion battery. The battery can be awoken by supplying it with a boost charge which supplies the battery with a higher current to bring the battery out of the protective mode. Once the battery is woken with a boost charge you then finish charging the battery with its normal charger. I personally would return a new battery if it has no charge rather than trying to boost charge it, because it has likely had a long shelf life or been stored in a poor environment.

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