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The Apple Xserve server, the Xserve Xeon Nahalem server, is an Intel based computer server released on April 7th, 2009.

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2 of 3 RAID drives have degraded. Can anyone help with this?

We have an Xserve from 2011 and I understand that production of these discontinued and support is no longer available. 3 RAID drives were fitted and 2 have degraded and need replacing. I am trying to find someone who would be able to source the parts and undertake the repair for us on site. We are based in Farnham in Surrey. Please let me know if you know of any companies who will still support this hardware.

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Are you up to doing a little work here your self?

If you are the drive is replaceable either as an ADM unit like this: Xserve Intel Hard Drive, 1TB, 7200rpm w/Carrier Apple P/N 661-4475 or you could replace the drive alone.

Here's copies of the service manuals: - Xserve Hardware manuals

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Thank you for the link and your help. I am hoping that I will be able to find someone to help fix the server as I have no technical experience in this area and am a little worried about attempting the repair myself. However, the info you supplied will certainly and I will keep this on file as I continue to investigate options. Thank you.


If you get the ADM unit it just slides in on the newer versions of the Xserve.

You'll still need to unmount and remount the drive via the Drive Utility or command prompt as well as rejoin the drive back within the RAID set. The OS will do most of the work here.

Review the Xserve manual here: Xserv User Guide its quite easy.

I'm sure your up to it ;-}


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