Why some keys of my laptop keyboard stop working?

I leave the laptop after working at sleep mode and next day when I again start working on laptop some keys of keyboard like 4,5,r,t,f,g,v and b stop working.What should I do know?

I restore the window but problem still exist,I check the device manager but keyboard is looking fine there.

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Try plugging in a USB keyboard. If it works OK then your laptop's keyboard is failing and needs to be replaced.

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I know sir that was my last shot but I did some research online and almost I tried all the methods but these buttons are not working.

But I want to know that is there any chance that keyboard ribbon which was attached with motherboard have some problem.



The keys on a keyboard are wired in a matrix arrangement so that when a key is pressed the controller "in the keyboard" knows what signal to send to the controller on the motherboard. This arrangement is done to reduce the number of wires between the keyboard and the motherboard, otherwise for example with a 104 key keyboard you would need 104+ wires. I would think that the problem is more likely to be a broken connection in the keyboard matrix than the ribbon connector cable. It is also easier and certainly will cause less problems if you replace the keyboard than try to fix it.


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