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Model A1051 / 4 or 6 GB hard drive

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replacing headphone jack IPod mini 4gb

Replacing the headphone to main logic board, can't seem to make the connection to main board, still no audio out on ear phones.

My question " where is the connection made from earphone assembly to main circuit board?" Went tru the procedure as per instructions of installing, but without success.

When ipod is connected directly to ipod female Jack on Radio works perfectly.

Would appreciate help.



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DO I understand this correctly that 1) your iPod works fine through the dock connector on the bottom, and 2) you cannot locate the connection on the logic board to plug the headphone jack cable into it?

If so, it sounds like an all-too-common problem with the iPod Mini: the headphone connector pulled off of the logic board. If you look at the headphone jack cable, is there a piece of plastic stuck on the connector?

If you look at this picture, the headphone connector is the black rectangle on the edge of the top left of the board.

If this connector is missing, you unfortunately need a new logic board.


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thanks so much for your help. I was under the impression that when you inserted earphone jack into the logic board tru the top of unit that it connected to the logic board.

Again thank a million.

Happy New Yr 2010

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