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Repair guides and support for C/K pickup trucks sold by General Motors under the GMC brand, including the GMC Sierra.

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94 gmc 1500 Brake light wire cut at rear harness

I found the brake light wire and its cut just before the rear harness. But I can't find the other end(where it would connect to harness or another wire). All other lights work fine. I know it works with turn signal lights but how are they connected. Wire harness (by this I mean the 4 wire plug under rear of bed doesn't have a opening for the brake wire which is the 5th wire that runs along the chassis with the turn,back up,and running lights.please help before I set on fire.

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We are having the same exact problem with the same truck the fuse keeps blowing as soon as we put a new one in


Please message me back ASAP need fixed soon as possible


Need help with identifying wires n where they go on a 1988 :'( passenger side wire colors are black, dark green, light green, and Brown. Thaw driver side is blue, black, red, and white. What color are what n go where


1988 gmc 1500


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You say that your rear turn signal lights work but not your stop lights. If this is correct then your problem is not with the wire that you found but back in the cabin of the vehicle.

The turn signal lights and the stop lights share the same wires back to the turn /hazard switch assembly on the steering wheel.

The power for the stop lights is fed from the stop/hazard fuse through the brake pedal switch and into the turn/hazard switch assembly. Out of the turn/hazard switch assembly it is the same wires to the lights for the turn signal, hazard signal and stop signal.

Check to see if your hazard lights work.

They are the same lights and 'share' the same fuse as the stop lights. The hazard/stop fuse supplies power to the flasher unit to operate the hazard lights as well as the stop lights. The turn signal lights use a different fuse to operate the flasher unit.

If they work then the brake light problem is with the switch mounted on top of the brake pedal or in the turn/hazard switch assembly.

If they don't work then most probably the stop/hazard fuse has blown.

Here is an image of the wiring diagram. I think that it is the correct one

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Maybe the wire that you have found, which I assume goes back to the stop/tail lights was run in for another purpose, like a trailer brake controller brake light connection perhaps.

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That's great I fund the hazards on they worked then I turns them off and hit the brakes and wala brake light work. So I guess I need yo get a new hazard switch. Thanks for the info u saved me alot headache and time


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Hi @ Dean Pugh,

Which fuse keeps blowing?

if it is the Stop/Hazard fuse, disconnect the brake pedal brake light switch wires from the switch and see if the fuse holds.

If it holds then the brake pedal brake light switch might be faulty and earthing out through the body of the switch.

If it still blows then there may be a problem in the hazard light switch, the wiring from the fuse to the hazard light switch or the wiring to the brake pedal brake light switch.

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I have the same problem extra wire that's hot when I apply the breaks but no where for it to connect

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